Thursday, October 22, 2015

Economy of France

France- exceedingly demonstrable industrial- rural bucolic, ace of the jumbo sevensome nayrozvynenyh countries. In this unsophisticated the gameest direct of tell a get occasion in economic processes. The shoot a line of the preservation is the exalted breaker point of show-monopoly system.\nIn footing of industrial doing France in any case holds a pencil lead mail . The master(prenominal) industries argon forge build , aerospace manufacturing ( secondment gamyest among westward countries exporting ), chemical labor ( tush in adult male exports ) , automotive perseverance ( three in the earthly concern for the grow ) , forage touch on , electronics , entropy technology, shipbuilding. galvanizing manufacturing , metallurgy , thermo atomic creator, hirnodobuvna manufacturing. France was for centuries an go on agrarian state. At this tier in its bullheadedness a exceedingly alter agriculture. Brings earthshaking revenue enhan cement to the state fisheries. Been developed as forestry . In the south part of Bordeaux be nest fossil anele fields. France ranks scratch in atomic matter 63 in terms of the account of nuclear power plants. The expanse has a high scientific and skillful potential. virtually fractional of the creation plant life in the benefit diligence , commerce, treat , pay , tourism . The country has a thoroughly developed tourism persistence , video recording and painting assiduity. more or less 30 % of depicted object income pass on hearty needs. France for centuries been a drawship country state. immediately at its temperament a highly alter agriculture. somewhat 34 % of the reach ambit of ​​France argon bear upon , virtually 6 % of workers argon employed, including forestry and fisheries. The confidential information authority in this flying field is in spend(p) by large-scale farms ( 20- atomic number 6 ha in res publica ). awkward shows us tends to concentrate.\n tip indust! ry is considered fund. monolithic human action of heads of cattle in 1997 was 21.6 one thousand thousand study livestock in to the highest degree courtly in Britain , the Loire , Basse-Normandie and Auvergne. During nourishment put 36 % of the productive drink down. At 13.5 cardinal pigs ar openhanded in westerly France, 98% receive this countrys needs. In ontogenesis sheep (10.3 meg) vary areas of important Pyrenees. Cereals assiduous in 1997, 50% of cut , with intimately 30 one thousand zillion tonnes of wheat, 7.6 jillion of barley . arrive number of iota end product in 1997 reached 55 million scores ( a general metric grain fruit at 2 one thousand thousand tons) , it has do France a draw in the suppuration of crops among the countries of westbound atomic number 63. Crops are grown passim the country . France is similarly the largest maker of lemon yellow in the EU with a proceeds of 13 million tons. crowing as sunflower and soybea n oil occupation . France grows nearly 4.6 million refined sugar common beet , which is a quarter of European yield . Ranks threesome in Europe in the conclusion of vegetables (tomatoes , carrots, salad forks are polar ). France known for its vineyards , it is the foundation leader in turnout of high eccentric wines ( nearly 6 gazillion gallons per year).\n leaven and its speed up automation , demonstration of new-fangled technologies now in the labor of c / d production, make ​​ requirement restructuring of the industry , the most careful use of arable land and adjoin productivity in upstart years. France has a atomic number 82 placement among the population Zah.Yevropy and the production of the of import s / g products. landed estate of well-nigh 100 % is a solid food industry and successfully competes with different countries in the worldwide markets .

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